Dynamic Restructuring

Transformative Bodywork

what to expect:

We offer the most meticulous, deepest, and thorough touch care available. The core of the practice involves separating muscle tissues to create space for the nervous and circulatory tissues that travel in the space between. By comprehensively treating the entire body as a complex interconnected unit, we restore natural neutral posture to a healthy alignment and maximize flexibility. The process improves dexterity and results in ongoing freedom and comfort within the body.

Athletes gain protection from injury through improved agility and limberness, as well as exercise more power as a result of a full range of motion and proper alignment. Performers gain a command presence from precise posture and fluidity of movement, as well as a clarity and volume of voice. For those living an active life, our restorative methodology maintains optimal functionality by sustaining internal youth—the ability to react to the immediate environment with speed, precision, strength, and confidence. 

Recipients of all backgrounds often describe experiences of cathartic pain, psychological relief, spiritual attunement, and physical lightness. The service provided to the body often extends to the mental and emotional realms, and has found frequent comparison with medicine journeys by those who have experienced them.

We generally work on floor mats, moving between a variety of pillow supported supine and side laying positions for accessing various muscle channels. Clients remain clothed, as the fabric protects the skin during deep touch. For a first session, the total time commitment depends on the speed at which the body allows change, so we ask clients to keep the entire day free to ensure completion. 


An ideal first session includes two therapists working in concert for four to eight hours of hands-on restructuring. Additionally, we intersperse assessment, nutrition, coaching, counseling, and rebalancing exercises throughout the day as appropriate. We travel internationally for committed clients interested in customized service packages, generally with a guarantee of a minimum number of therapy hours and transit costs; please inquire for details. Regular service prices start at 200 USD per hour per therapist. Practitioner locations and contact information is listed below:

Matthew Hunter


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David Rhien


+1 530 385 8502

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand


Mariane Karou, founder of Dance Alive

“David and Matthew are very talented and committed.  I so appreciate their genuine care for me, my body and my whole life.  From a warm smile upon entry to a deeply relaxed environment with low lighting and salt lamps I am invited to receive a meeting of my mind with the restructuring of my entire body.  By listening to 4 hands at one time on me I can allow the flow of energy to be released and reorganized so I can have the freedom of movement which I deeply desire.  This kind of work is for people who really want to dig deeper into their own inner terrain so alignment, function and freedom is a result.  Thank you both for your investment in yourselves so you can share this work and in all of us who get to receive it.  With deep gratitude I recommend your work.” 

Andrew Plotkin, retired professional pitcher & co-founder of Brainkanix 

“I have done one session with Dynamic Restructuring and it was mind-blowing! It was honestly one of the most painful experiences of my life, but it was 100% worth it. My body felt amazing afterward. I was aligned. Since the session (completed about 4 weeks ago as of today 3/6/2019) my body has felt like one unit working together. My posture improved as well as my range of motion. I don't have pain in my hip flexors any more. The pain in my hip flexors was really getting in the way of my workouts, so it is very exciting to be able to push through it now pain-free. One unexpected benefit I continue to feel is more mental toughness because the program will test you.

As a former pro athlete, I would recommend this training to any athletes trying to get the most of their bodies. If you have knots in your body that you can't get rid of because you use it so repetitively, this will take care of it. My throwing shoulder is not tense for the first time in years!”

Francesca Goncalves (Collegiate volleyball player & filmmaker)

"I have been to masseuses and chiropractors all my life, and have to say that Dynamic Restructuring is a process that blows all other forms of bodywork out of the water. 

David and Matthew's keen ability to listen to what each body needs and respond accordingly is truly impressive. This leads to a personalized experience instead of a "one size fits all" type of massage where only the superficial layers of the body are treated. Instead, David and Matthew find the root of the problem and release the body at that level, transforming the body back to its optimal state. 

After my session, I felt open and light; a release of pain that I had not even realized had been weighing me down. My entire body felt like it had been put back into place, leading to better circulation and less congestion. I even looked slimmer because they were able to release stubborn muscles that had solidified into knots. It is a painful process but absolutely worth it. I feel like a new person with a more dynamic range of motion, less tension, and more awareness of the interconnectivity of my body.

I would recommend Dynamic Restructuring to anyone who wants their body to operate at the highest level and are willing to invest the time and resources to get it there."


Matthew Hunter

Excellent care from physiotherapy and sports massage in 2006 which alleviated chronic pain in my shoulder by tracking it to an unfelt source in my hip ignited my interest in the healing arts. I commenced study and practice in my spare time, and after several years of dabbling in various massage styles—with a heavy emphasis in sports therapeutic massage—I sought my first professional training. A lifelong love of martial arts and a few well-timed acupuncture treatments had inspired the idea that healing the body involved more than what anatomy and physiology books could teach, and a search of Asia for programs brought me to International Training Massage (ITM) School in Chiang Mai. While training at ITM, I met Mike Tan. His unparalleled skill and practice in an ancient Khmer therapeutic style impressed upon me the value of eastern meridian knowledge in comprehensive care, while his incorporation of western myofascial release techniques reinforced my conviction that a unity of systems could lead to the deepest and most lasting release possible from the manual manipulation of tissues.

I trained with Mike at intervals in ensuing years, while continuing to develop my own style in private practice. Through Mike I met David, and we quickly connected over our shared interest in martial arts, eastern philosophy, and our love of healthy food and sublime conversation. David immediately saw the value of my explorations and modifications to the style. Together we deepened the integration of our eastern and western styles, which gave life to Dynamic Restructuring.


BA, Washington State University Honors College: summa cum laude philosophy major with foci in logic, human rationality, and biomedical ethics.

David Rhein

As a child my life revolved around competitive athletics, which took a heavy toll on my body. I struggled with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and chronic lower back pain for many years, which I can now see were caused by deeply ingrained postural problems. I began to heal my body in 2006 through the study of martial arts and yoga, and finally achieved relief from these pains in 2011 when I received some truly incredible bodywork in Minneapolis MN, USA.

Inspired by the change I had experienced, I began to study bodywork in 2012 at the Devanadi School of Thai Yoga Bodywork in Minneapolis. In 2013 I moved to Thailand to study with my teacher’s teacher, Pichest Boonthume. After several months of immersive study with Pichest I sought more breadth and depth of knowledge by attending trainings at several schools with many teachers throughout 2014 and 2015, including Sunshine School, Old Medicine Hospital, Omsala, Ajahn Sinchai, Loi Kroh Massage, and Felicity Keebaugh. During this time I met Mike Tan of SEA Bodywork, who quickly became my primary teacher. Mike’s attention to detail and unique approach to the Structural Energy Lines particularly impressed me. Through him, I gained a new appreciation for the intersection of eastern healing traditions with western physiology and anatomy. Here I also met Matthew, and we connected immediately over our interest in exploring the deeper patterns of the body. 


BA, Harvard University; economics major with a focus on psychology and behavior, as well as logic and philosophy.

MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management; Entrepreneurship and Innovation track, with a particular interest in health care technologies.

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